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Post Acute Medical Statement on DOJ Settlement

Post Acute Medical has recently agreed to resolve a civil matter instituted initially in 2012 raising certain issues related to physician relationships in some of the facilities it had previously acquired. Although Post Acute disputes that there were any substantive defects with respect to those relationships from a compliance and documentation perspective, many of which commenced long before Post Acute acquired the facilities, in the interest of moving forward and avoiding continued expense, Post Acute agreed to an amicable resolution with the government which it did not acknowledge any violations of applicable rules.  As part of the settlement, Post Acute and certain of its facilities also agreed to the terms of a corporate integrity agreement with the government that will expand and strengthen Post Acute’s compliance procedures and processes. Post Acute views this as a positive step in continuing its commitment to all regulatory and compliance obligations.

The settlement will have no impact on Post Acute’s current or future business relationships, and Post Acute will continue to provide the highest quality patient care at its inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and long-term acute care hospitals throughout the country.