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Dr. Miguel A Sierra Hoffman

Specialty: Board Certified Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease
Facilities Served: PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria North, PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria South
Dr. Miguel Sierra Hoffman primarily located in Victoria and has 27 year of experience. His specialties include Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease and Infectious Disease. He covers at both Citizens and Detar Hospital along with PAM LTAC Hospitals. He received his medical degree from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras and completed his residency at Mercy Catholic Medical Center. He went to the University of South Alabama were he did his fellowship in Pulmonary Disease and attended Texas A&M-Scott and White Memorial Hospital for his fellowship in Infectious Disease. He is very well versed on Infectious Disease, he has done multiple publications and presentations such as "Postoperative instrumented spine infection's", "Aspergillus flavus scleritis: successful treatment with voriconazole and caspofungin", "Fusarium osteomyelitis" and there are many more. Dr. Hoffman brings a great asset to the Victoria area with his expertise in Infectious Disease, he is the only one in over a 100 mile radius. He sits on the medical Executive Committee at both PAM LTAC's.