Dr. Haresh Kumar

Specialties: Board Certified Internal Medicine and Nephrology

Facilities Served: PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria North, PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria South

Dr. Haresh Kumar's MD is in Nephrology and Internal Medicine. He went to medical school in Aga Khan Medical College and did his residency at the University of Minnesota. He also attended University of Louisiville fellowship hospital. He is affiliated with the local hospitals and all three PAM Hospitals. He sits on our Medical Executive Committee for PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria North. He has over 15 years of experience and has receieved awards in Healthgrades Honor Roll, Honors in Microbiology, Biochemisty and Physiology CMS Meaningful Use Stage 1, Practice Fusion EHR in 2012 and CMS Meaningful Use Stage 1 in MediTouch EHR in 2013.

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