Anil K. Reddy, MD, M.B.A

Specialties: Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Facilities Served: PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Tulsa

Physiatrist Anil Reddy, son of a veterinarian surgeon, started his career as an orthopedic surgeon in India. He received a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Surgery at Gandhi Medical College and residency training in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery from the University of Health Sciences. He received advanced orthopedic surgical training at Neath General Hospital (Wales) and worked as a senior house officer in emergency medicine, accident, trauma, and orthopedics. He performed his residency at Metropolitan Hospital Center (NYC), receiving board certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostic Medicine through New York Medical College.
He settled in Tulsa in 2000, joining a group practice. In 2002, he joined Omega Practice Management, an outpatient clinic. "I do mainly musculoskeletal pain management by modalities, medications, and injections, and also alternative medicine treatments. Physical medicine and rehab focuses on the muscles, bones, joints, and functional ability of the patient," he shares.
Utilizing a holistic approach, he encourages patients to adopt a lifestyle of a healthy diet, aerobic exercise, no smoking, and meditation--conventional advice among physicians--and yoga, his unconventional recommendation. "No other exercis in the world can stretch your muscles like yoga. A lot of musculoskeletal pain requires stretching exercises", shares Dr. Reddy.
He is a member of the Tulsa County Medical Society and American Association of Physcial Medicine and Rehabilitation. He received an MBA in Healthcare Management from the University of Texas.
Dr. Reddy follows the traditional approach in medicine by demonstrating compassion and spending quality time with patients. "I think medicine is a measure of art and science. The art is dsappearing--the art of interviewing a patient and the art of dealing with pain and resolving it. I still follow that tradition."

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