Bobby Rose

3a668d77940fdd78c954f31272a44414_f320 (1).JPGBobby Rose has been a patient at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of Allen multiple times throughout his medical journey. Mr. Rose is a bilateral (above the knee) amputee who has an unwavering spirit to keep living life to the fullest, no matter what medical obstacle he is faced with.

The care team at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of Allen selected Bobby Rose as our Wall of Fame recipient and is joined by two of his therapists in the photo - Jennifer Cunningham, OTR and Korey Burdett, PT.

At Mr. Rose’s Wall of Fame ceremony, where we honor a patient who has shown tremendous gains in their medical journey and does so with the utmost positivity to work to gain their full health back. Mr. Rose was honored to accept the award and at the ceremony, Jennifer and Korey read this poem they wrote titled, an “Ode to Bobby Rose”: 



You entered our lives under non-conventional circumstances,

But the impact you’ve had will be with us to eternity. 

When we met you, you had only one leg which caused you much pain…

You knew that without it you had far more to gain! 

You smiled when you wanted to cry, kept pushing through when it got rough…

Never took “No” for an answer and proved you were tough!! 

Jennifer pampered you with little arm weights and warm showers,

While Korey kicked your butt and made you work for hours. 

We admire your drive, your attitude and strength…

The courage it took for you to take those first steps!! 

We love you like family, a frequent flyer you’ve been,

 A glutton for punishment – until we see you again!!


Thank you, Mr. Rose, for your continuous dedication to your health!