Terry Cagle

Mr. Cagle was admitted to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Allen after suffering a traumatic brain injury when he struck his head on a brick wall while playing basketball with a group of friends. 

terry-cagle.jpgThe impact caused him to lose consciousness and suffer from memory loss for the first 10 days after his accident. Mr. Cagle also suffered from excruciating head pain that medication was unable to alleviate and photophobia so intense, he wore sunglasses in doors at all times.

Following his injury, Mr. Cagle’s wife, Becky, toured PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Allen unsure of his ability to participate in a rehabilitation program due to his impulsiveness, restlessness and agitation. She was fearful of what the future held for her husband. Ultimately, Mrs. Cagle was comforted by PAM of Allen’s certifications in excellence for patients who had suffered from TBI’s just like her husband. She knew he would receive individualized treatment by a team of specialists to maximize his outcomes. And that he did! Within days, Mr. Cagle had a complete turn around in his demeanor and was looking forward to more improvements during his treatment. Both Mr. and Mrs. Cagle explained to PAM that, “It has been a positive experience here since day one… the support and encouragement were amazing!”