Barbara Flores

FloresImage.jpegBarbara came to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake following a stroke which resulted in left-sided weakness. Prior to her stroke, Barbara was completely independent, living at home with her fiancé, enjoyed cooking and spending time with her family. Her personal goals during recovery were to become independent once again, return back to work, and move forward in life with her partner who transitioned to her husband on the day prior to admission to PAM. During her stay at PAM, she participated in intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy and after 11 days she began feeling more confident in her abilities. Barbara was a great prospect to return home as a newlywed in order to complete her goal to cook for her husband. When asked about her stay here she stated, "Great therapy! When I arrived I cried my eyes out, felt like my arm weighed 500 lbs. Now I can move my arm all the way. I got my life back.” Barbara will be going home and utilizing outpatient services. We are so proud of the progress she made while at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital Clear Lake.