Mekishia Bohanan

Bohanan-image.pngMekishia was admitted to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake after the implantation of a left ventricular assistive device (LVAD). An LVAD is a form of an artificial heart, maintaining constant blood flow through damaged ventricles to the body. The LVAD requires continuous power supplied by battery or connection to a wall outlet. Mekishia’s post-operative recovery was further complicated by multiple chest wall hematomas requiring evacuation and an extended stay in the ICU.

A single mom of three, Mekishia was independent with all mobility and activities, however endurance was an issue due to her failing heart. When she came to PAM of Clear Lake at post-op day 13, she was extremely limited in her abilities to perform basic functional tasks and required assistance in all aspects of care. Her overall goal was to regain her strength, improve her activity tolerance and return home to independently care for her children.

After ten days of intense therapy, she began feeling much more confident in her abilities stating, “The staff were great and I was able to reach my goal of returning to independent daily living.” We’re happy to report that Mekishia has regained her ability to climb three flights of stairs and is able to return home to her children. We are so proud of Mekishia for the progress she made at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake.