Ms. Trudy Randall

Randall.pngMs. Trudy Randall arrived at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake following a stroke which resulted in a craniotomy bypass.  Trudy also suffered from Moyamoya disease which is a rare progressive disorder of the cerebral vessels, characterized by narrowing of the intracranial vessels as they emerge from the base of the skull. Moyamoya disease also results in stroke-like symptoms. 

When she was admitted to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake, she was very limited in her abilities to perform even the basic tasks. She was not able to walk and depended on the wheelchair for her mobility. After 12 days of aggressive daily therapy, she began feeling much more confident in her abilities to perform functional tasks. When asked about her time here she stated, “I love all my regular therapy staff, they are the best and helped me become my best again. There are days you don’t want to do much and they will push you to do a little more. At the time you might frown but in a couple of weeks or even a few days you can see the difference and you will be thankful for them. Beth Ann really helped jump-start my brain. I am so very thankful.” 

Trudy plans to continue with her therapies on a home health basis. She will be returning home with her husband and three children and is ready to get back to life. We are so proud of Trudy for the progress she made at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake.

“At first I really didn’t want to come to rehab. I  wanted to go home. But now, I am so glad I came. I am much stronger and recovered way faster due to amazing staff here.”