Pamela Perkins

Pamela arrived at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake following a CVA (stroke). In late October, Pamela was at home going about her daily routine when she developed acute onset right sided weakness along with numbness/tingling and slurred speech. Pamela decided to go to the emergency room after her symptoms failed to resolve. She was ultimately presented with a terminus fusiform (spindle-shaped) aneurysm and TPA which was initiated to address stroke symptoms.

Prior to her stroke, Pamela was independent in all aspects of her life. She was living at home with her husband and worked full time. When she came to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake, she was very limited in her abilities to perform basic tasks. Unfortunately, she was unable to walk and depended on the wheelchair for her mobility. She also required assistance from multiple people to transfer out of bed and demonstrated speech deficits. After 21 days of aggressive daily therapy, she began feeling much more confident in her abilities to perform daily tasks. When asked about her time here she stated, “When I came to PAM I couldn’t walk or raise my right arm and my speech was slurred. You have to be willing to work just as hard as the therapists to have success. The therapists are my angels.”

Pamela plans to continue therapy at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake on an outpatient basis. She will be returning home with her husband and hopes to be independent as soon as possible. We are so proud of Pamela for the progress she has made!

“With all of the hard work that Yami and Carolina did I am able to walk and have movement in my arm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Pamela Perkins