Ms. Diana Hasbell

clear-lake-testimonial.jpgMs. Hasbell was admitted to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake from an acute care facility following an extensive spinal surgery.  

Her post operative recovery was slow, and with high pain levels, there was significant functional decline. Once she was admitted to PAM, Ms. Hasbell was dedicated to making a full recovery so she could return home to be closer to her friends and family.

“The first thing I noticed at PAM was they immediately took care of me.”

Ms. Hasbell came to our team requiring assistance of two team members to get our of bed and was only able to walk six feet. Throughout her stay at PAM of Clear Lake, she remained motivated and pushed herself with the team to achieve her goal of getting home. On the day she was discharged, she was able to perform her tasks independently, and walking with a walker for over 150 feet. Her excitement for PAM has impacted those around her, she went home with more confidence in doing things better than before.

“I had a 12 day stay and from day one to the day I discharged it was amazing. I am going home with more confidence and doing things better than before.”