Mr. Wells

Mr. Wells.pngConsidered “non-ambulatory” prior to admission, Mr. Wells started his journey bed ridden, requiring total assistance for transfer and some activities of daily living. It took him a couple of weeks to set his goals and fully understand the expectations of rehab. The PT team performed aggressive therapy returning strength to Mr. Well’s lower body working on functional standing and his first steps. 

“I did give up hope, until Carolina, one of my therapist, walked into my room and told me she got me; that was the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Mr. Wells spent 3+ hours daily in therapy between his room and the gym actively participating in every session,

“… my mind was made up, I wanted to give it my all, and work harder than ever.”

By the time of his D/C home, Mr. Wells was able to walk 50 feet with a rolling walker and go up and down the stairs utilizing a modified crawl technique. Mr. Wells wanted to take it one step further and reach all his personal goals, so he started his outpatient journey at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Clear Lake three times a week, maximizing his outcomes, incorporating agility drills, completing trials with less restrictive assistive devices and finally walking on his own.

“My goal right now is to get healthy and get back to work, I couldn’t thank this team enough; they gave me my life back”.