Diana Booth

Diana Booth.pngOne morning while at home, Diana woke up barely being able to walk or talk.

Knowing these were signs of a potential stroke, she called for help and was then soon admitted to a local hospital for stroke complications and expressive aphasia which made it difficult to communicate. Once she was in stable condition, Diana was then transferred to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Overland Park for continued therapy. Needing extensive help with basic daily tasks, Diana was also already using a cane at home due to severe back pain and fibromyalgia. 

During her time with us, Diana had two main goals, decrease her medication intake and get back to being a great mom. She worked hard everyday in therapy and learned a lot along the way. We are proud to write that Diana was able to reduce her medication, return to eating a regular diet and was able to get rid of her cane entirely. During her last day here, she sat with a group of therapists and talked about her life. She laughed and told funny stories; something that she drastically struggled with 2 weeks prior. Her sense of humor and her smile returned and she is so excited to return home to her family

“There was a lot of therapy, but it was really good therapy.  Everyone here was so supportive and now I can do things on my own. It’s really good… When I first came here, I was constantly thinking about how I just wanted to give up and go home. The more I worked in therapy, I started to realize that I needed this time to get all the therapy and care that I could. I needed to stop thinking about going home and start thinking about getting better. I am so lucky to have come here.”