Michelle Price

Michelle Price.pngMichelle came to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Overland Park after suffering from a cardio pulmonary arrest and surgery to place a stent. 

Admitted to the rehabilitation program just a few days after her surgery, Michelle was unable to care for herself and required maximum assistance with all transfers, mobility and ADLs. Michelle admits that she was very nervous to start therapy and hoped she get the care she needed to return back to her life prior to the recent medical complications. After 14 days of intense therapy, she is not only able to transfer herself, but is doing all of her daily tasks without the use of any device such as a walker or a cane. We are also happy to write that her memory has made drastic improvements as well!  When asked about her experience in rehab she stated,

“I am so glad I can walk and swallow again. I feel really good about my progress and I really enjoyed the people here. They all helped me so much.”

Michelle has made great gains and now lives at home while she continues her journey of healing and recovery.