Patti Rickey

patti.pngPrior to admission, Patti Rickey sustained a fall at her home after a recent adjustment of her blood pressure medications.

She sustained multiple rib fractures and hit her head, causing a loss of consciousness. Her closed head injury resulted in problems with swallowing, memory, balance, and safety with basic tasks. Prior to her fall, Patti was working full time in a doctor’s office and enjoyed her independent lifestyle. Unfortunately due to her accident when she first arrived to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Overland Park, she needed help with a lot of self care aspects.

We are now happy to report that in the length of her stay, she learned to walk without any assistance or device and is able to function independently. She quickly became our “superstar” making simple dishes in the kitchen that she eagerly shared with the therapy staff.  She learned to manage her own bills online, created tools to help with her memory and even worked on the skills she would need to return to work. She plans on continuing with outpatient rehabilitation at The Rehab Hospital of Overland Park so that she can return to driving and work in the next month. 

When asked about her experience in rehab, she stated,

“I have never been through an ordeal such as a TBI and I am 73 years old. I cannot thank the fantastic staff enough for the constant attention and direction during my unbelievable speedy recovery. I have been thanking them and the hand of God many times a day.”

Thanks to the extraordinary people at The Rehabilitation Hospital of Overland Park, Patti has made great gains and lives at home while she continues her journey of healing and recovery.