Ronnie Godfrey

Ronnie Godfrey.pngMr. Godfrey arrived at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Overland Park after being found unresponsive after a severe motorcycle accident.

Prior to his accident, Ronnie was working full time and enjoying his independent lifestyle. Upon admissions, he needed help with all self-care tasks, was having a very difficult time with his memory and needed someone to be with him at all times. We are happy to report that after 23 days, he has learned to walk without any assistance, and is able to function independently, doing all self-care tasks and is now preparing himself to be home with his family once again. Ronnie became a favorite with everyone he encountered. Not only did he leave an impression with the staff at the hospital, but also with fellow patients. One even wrote,

“Thanks for spreading cheer as you walk the halls each day, you made me smile every day I saw you. I hope you have a speedy recovery!”

He plans on continuing with outpatient treatment at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Overland Park so that he can return to work and life in the upcoming year. When asked about his experience he stated,

“I just love everybody here that helped me. I hope for good things for all of you.”

Thanks to the extraordinary people at the hospital and Ronnie’s determination and strength, he has made tremendous gains and is able to live a home. We are so proud of you, Ron!