Mr. Garrett

Garrett-1.pngMr. Gordon Garrett, a man of true grit, spirit, might and great determination, remains an inspiration to us all. He knew the road to recovery was going to be the toughest battle of his life telling the team, “The hardest part of healing has been acceptance, once I accepted what happened, I began my long road to recovery; I thank God everyday for my wife and the will to persevere.”

Mr. Garrett was treated for a severe cervical spinal cord injury with tetraplegia, aphasia and dysphagia, that resulted from a motorcycle accident. Prior to the accident, Mr. Garrett was living a beautiful life with his wife, Elsa and five children as an athletic trainer for Alamo Heights High School, loving and enjoying his job tremendously.

Through it all, Mr. Garrett plans to continue his recovery at the PAM/WS Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio’s outpatient clinic in Texas and is looking forward to returning to teaching.

“This has been my home for the past year and a half. So many of you have become family to me. I am anxious & excited to get back home. I couldn’t have been in a better place! I truly believe I’d be in a nursing home if it wasn’t for you guys, especially John Munoz. I will forever be thankful for such a wonderful team, but, John… man! He is a mirror image of me when I was his age. He never let me give up, failure was not an option, not on his watch. I will miss him the most. I know my faith played an important role in my recovery. I’m counting my blessing as I go…”