Mr. Perryman

perryman.jpgMr. Perryman had a very complex recent medical history of dyspnea, fevers, and needed to be placed on a ventilator, before he was transferred to Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Tulsa.  Once he arrived his medical team was ready to address his respiratory management, rehabilitation, wound care, and IV therapy.  

During his hospitalization, Mr. Perryman was weaned off of the ventilator, and his tracheostomy tube was removed after four years. The physical, occupational, and speech therapists focused their therapy time on his goals of maximizing  his functional independence and safety.  Before being discharged, he was walking great distances, returned to eating a regular diet and his respiratory status had greatly improved. 

We are very proud of all Mr. Perryman has overcome and wish him the best as he safely returns home.