Claudia Garrett

Claudia Garrett.pngMrs. Garrett was admitted to a local Houston, TX hospital with a complex medical situation including, confusion, sudden onset of tremors and R-sided weakness.

It was at her local hospital that she was diagnosed with encephalopathy, a brain disease that alters brain function or structure, and was stabilized and transferred to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria. When she arrived for inpatient rehab, she required a lot of assistance for most of her activities of daily living including, difficulty with communicating, memory, problem solving and mobility. 

The team at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria is proud to write that she has made great progress going from needing assistance with everything to now being a great prospect for returning home! Cheerful and hardworking, she stated that,

“Everyone has been really kind and that she will be recommending Post Acute Medical Rehab to lots of people. She was so happy that they transferred her close to home to this facility because it had been great. I am ready to get home and get back into my routine.”

Great job, Mrs. Garrett!