Mr. Conrad “Chunk” Evetts

Conrad-Image.pngUpon admission, Mr. Evetts had previously visited his PCP with stroke-like symptoms, but after further testing was found to have a right frontal mass and underwent surgery for removal. Following a week’s stay at the post-op hospital, he was transferred to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria for continued care and therapy.

His initial evaluation stated that Mr. Evetts required stand-by assist with functional transfers and ambulation. He also required maximum assistance with fine motor activities due to limited functional grasp. After hard work and determination, he was able to become modified independent with transfers and ambulation. Mr. Evetts is completing his stay with us with good functional use of his right upper extremity and states, “One day I couldn’t move my right hand and the next morning I could move it… therapy has been awesome and the nurse’s here are attentive and personable.”

Fishing, cooking, gardening, and dancing with his wife are just a few of the goals Mr. Evetts has for when he returns home. He plans on continuing his progress by participating in an outpatient program. Thank you, Mr. Evetts for choosing PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria for your therapy.