Ms Dora Taylor

DoraTaylor.jpegMs. Dora Taylor was headed to a Christmas party when she realized she had forgotten her gift at home. Once she returned, she noticed she could not unlock the front door with her right hand and was unable to pick up the present with her right hand as well. She knew something was wrong and walked over to her neighbor’s house for help. 

Ms. Taylor arrived at a local hospital and was then transferred to an out of town hospital for further stroke work-up. Upon her admittance to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria, she required maximum and total assistance to perform ADL’s, as well as requiring two people for mobility and transfers. She was unable to walk and demonstrated poor safety awareness and strength. 

Throughout her stay, Ms. Taylor made significant improvements with her hard work and determination and was always willing and ready to participate in therapy. We are thrilled to report that Ms. Taylor was able to walk on a rolling walker, and required stand by assist with transfers and ADL’s upon discharge. She states “I felt welcomed, comfortable, and loved by the staff at PAM Rehab of Victoria,” and also was appreciative that the staff explained things to her. Ms. Taylor is ready to return home to take care of herself and continue with therapy. Thanks for choosing PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria for your care!