Edward Stralla

Edward Stralla.pngMr. Stralla had been on a long journey to a successful recovery after suffering from blood clots, stroke and more when he was transferred to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria.

When he arrived, his speech was completely unintelligible, and required assistance for many of his self care tasks. Remarkably, after his many medical complications, we are happy to report at the time of this testimonial, he is able to perform all of his self care tasks and mobility with supervision. His communication skills have also drastically improved. 

Considering the grave nature of his medical situation, he has made a recovery that would be described no other way than miraculous. He said that he didn’t know what to expect when he found out the he would be transferred and was very pleased with all of the staff he encountered.

“Roger got me walking without a cane and took good care of me. I looked at my discharge date on the board in my room and told Roger I’m going to walk out of here. Lauren was very good and really helped me to get where people could understand me again. Jamie really pushed me and helped me improve with taking care of myself. The nurses were very attentive and took great care of me too.”

Mr. Stralla plans on continuing his rehabilitation to improve his walk, and take care of his cattle. Thanks to the caring and knowledgable staff at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria and Mr. Stralla’s can do attitude, he is well on his way.