Mary Kinghorn

Mary Kinghorn.pngMrs. Kinghorn was injured in an accidental fall, while at home, which resulted in injuries including foot, neck and wrist fractures.

She spent some time in acute care in Houston, TX to be stabilized and repair her injuries and then was transferred to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria for continued care. Upon admission, Mrs. Kinghorn had difficulties with mobility and self care tasks but was determined to heal.

“I have improved every day. The nurses are dedicated and glad to assist and help me, they always come when I call them. (The nurses) are compassionate and glad to do their job. The therapists are excellent, compassionate and interested in progress. They make you want to do better…”

At the time of this testimonial, Mrs. Kinghorn recognizes she has a long journey ahead of her, but with her great attitude and the helping care of the staff, her goal of being home and independent again is looking bright.