Nadine Catan

nardine.pngMrs. Catan’s daughter found her unresponsive in her chair at home, early August of 2017. She was then taken to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a stroke. 

While at the acute care hospital, she was having difficulty with word finding and forming sentences to communicate. Unfortunately she was also unable to accomplish self care tasks without assistance. Once admitted to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria, she began an intensive rehabilitation program. Mrs. Catan described her situation and told us that,

“My daughter would ask me questions and I knew the answer but couldn’t speak.”

At the time of this testimonial, we are happy to report that Mrs. Catan is steadily improving and able to learn to do all her own self care again. She has been determined to get well! When asked about her experience at the hospital she told us,

“Everyone has been especially kind and took very good care of me. I am excited about getting back to my apartment and getting back to my routines.”

The combination of her hard work and dedicated professionals at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Victoria have made quite the difference in Mrs. Catan’s life!