Kathy Kalanta

A letter from the wife of Tony Kalanta, a former patient:

"I, Kathy Kalanta would like to share a story about the experience I had at PAM Specialty Hospital of Corpus Christi, North. On the day of January 10, 2018, my husband Tony Kalanta was admitted to the ICU for flu + pneumonia at a local STAC. He didn’t have any symptoms, and never had been sick in his life. What brought him to the hospital was that he woke up and suddenly had a hard time breathing. I was able to get him to the hospital and his lungs were full of fluid. If I had waited to take him to the hospital, he wouldn’t have made it. He was very sick, and all his organs, (liver, lungs, and kidneys) were shutting down. The doctors said they were going to help him, as much as they could, but to be prepared for the worst. Then one of the doctors came up to me, Dr. Kaldas. She asked me I want them to keep going and continue to do what we can, and I told her, “Yes! Don’t stop! I will fight for him.” Dr. Kaldas said, I will help you fight for him. She is an angel from God. She stood by my side and helped me all the way. Thanks to her, faith, and time, Tony in a matter of three weeks, became stronger.

He was moved to PAM Specialty Hospital Corpus Christi, North, and I met the medical team there. Gerad, the head nurse manager was such a great person and has made our stay here so wonderful. He took time to make it comfortable for Tony. I also met Kevin, head of the respiratory department, and he has been wonderful when it comes to the care of my husband.  Within a week, my husband started breathing on his own. The wound care team, speech therapist, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, nurses, and all the staff worked so hard day and night to take care of him. Everyone talked and explained the care my husband would receive and he has come a long way. 

Thank you for all the support and encouragement that everyone has given to Tony. On behalf of my family, myself and Tony, thank you. We would like to recognize each and every one of you for giving him strength, encouragement, and the warmth of your presence. May God Bless all of you for the gift he has giving you to care for all your patients. Here are all the great staff members that made it possible for a great recovery: Dr. Kaldas, Dr. Anjum, Dr. Vakil, nurses: Armando, Chaka, Connie Sue, Crystal, Elizabeth, Leah, Lissa, Manny, Mary, Rosa, Trinidad, Bea, Elisa, Leigh Ann, Dolores, Paul, Ross, Ruby, Zara P, and Zara M, The Therapist: Rita, Ysaura, Gift, Karen, Jude, Liz, Jaime, Keven, Greg, Irene, Ray, Wound care team: Nurya, Amanda, Debra, Ida, Kim, Mandy, Gina, Elva, Maria, Santos, Sylvia, Joe, Mason, Tabatha, Tiffany, Chrissy, and Jo Ann. Also, I want to thank Ernest case manager, for his help he has done for us.

Again, thank you all for the wonderful job and the time you have taken in taking care of him."

- Tony, Kathy, Mathew, Robert, and the entire Kalanta family