Mr. Flynn

flynn.pngMr. Flynn was visiting the area on vacation when he became extremely ill and at the time of this testimonial, was hospitalized for the past month. 

During a PAM veteran program visit, Joseph Steele, a veteran champion, identified that his patients belongings (Mr. Flynn) had been misplaced upon his admission to the hospital. This meant at discharge, Mr. Flynn, who had spent his last remaining funds on a plane ticket home to California, would not have any clothes or personal hygiene items. Knowing this wasn’t right, Mr. Steele quickly rallied resources and was able to obtain items for Mr. Flynn to get back home. A great testimonial of the community and team members coming together to help a patient!

“The staff at Post Acute Medical North went far and beyond the call of duty for a veteran in need. I really tip my hat off to them and all the nurses who went out of their way to make my 30 day stay comfortable.” - Mr. Flynn