Mr. McKinney

mckinney.pngMr. McKinney was in Corpus Christi working when he suffered a severe stroke which nearly took his life. 

With a long road ahead of him, Mr. McKinney refused to give up and was admitted to Post Acute Medical Speciality Hospital of Corpus Christi. At the time of this testimonial, Mr. McKinney has made some remarkable progress during his stay. He was up in a wheelchair everyday for his rehab and went outside to get some fresh air daily. Soon Mr. McKinney was then transferred to his home in Louisiana where he continues to undergo rehab.

“The staff here at PAM was so wonderful, rehab, respiratory, nursing, case managers, everyone was so helpful and nice. (The) respiratory department gave me hope that he would come off the ventilator and breathe on his own. PAM has given him a second chance of life and we are so grateful to you all.” - Ms. McKinney