Mr. Charles Newman

mr.newman.jpegMr. Charles Newman came to PAM Specialty Hospital of Luling after an extended acute hospital stay for septic shock that subsequently developed into multi-system organ failure. 

When Mr. Newman arrived at our facility, he had multiple medical issues and was severely debilitated with many IV medications to sustain him. We are proud to say that Mr. Newman is not weaned off of steroids and antibiotics, can sit in a chair, feed himself, voids as needed, and is working with all therapy disciplines. He is a true miracle even to the point when first here, the hospitalist had asked to call the family as he was so critical. Today, he is on his way to the next level of care for more rehabilitation and he said to us,

“I don’t want to leave this place. You guys take such good care of me and brought me back to life!”

We wish you the best Mr. Newman and know you’ll do great in recovery!