Mr. Davis

mr.davis.pngMr. Davis was admitted to Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Victoria - South after a hospitalization due to seizure activity and thrombocytopenia (deficiency of platelets in the blood). 

Upon admission, Mr. Davis was in the medical observation unit and was completely dependent requiring two person assist for all bed mobility and transfers, and required a dysphagia diet. 

Throughout his time, Mr. Davis received physical and speech therapy to focus on deficits in strength, independence with functional mobility and swallowing safety.  Skilled treatments included therapeutic/resistive exercise, functional mobility training, dysphagia therapy and gait training. 

With the combination of doctors, nursing and therapy, Mr. Davis was able to make significant functional gains.  He was upgraded to a regular diet, was able to transfer independently to his wheelchair and toilet, and was able to ambulate short distances with hand-held assistance only.  Mr. Davis was able to return to the skilled nursing facility and will continue therapy to further improve his independence with functional mobility. The Post Acute Medical team is extremely proud of the strides Mr. Davis made and we wish him good luck!