Mrs. Boehm

Mrs. Boehm’s journey began in March of 2018 when she was admitted to the hospital for a planned cholecystectomy. Three days after the surgical procedure, complications from her original surgery caused her to be admitted to University Hospital. Her worsening condition called for her to intubated, have bilateral chest tubes and peg tube placed. At the time of her discharge from University Hospital , she was ventilator dependent and on April 10th, transferred to PAM of New Braunfels for continued care and ventilator weaning. Upon admission, she was able to tolerate passive range of motion exercises, however, she required total assist with all activities and was unable to eat or communicate.

By April 17th, Mrs. Boehm had been liberated from the ventilator, and decannulated three short days later. At the time of discharge she was independent to modified independent with ADL’s including standing and sitting activities and performing household tasks. She was able to independently get in and out of bed, stand to transfer, and more. We are so proud of her recovery! Great job, Mrs. Boehm!

“All the staff worked together to get me better. The speech therapist was awesome in my recovery. I believe I wouldn’t have done this good in any other place.”