Mrs. Bonnie Heilig

In February of 2018, Mrs. Heilig underwent a right lower lobe lobectomy due to her extensive medical history that included lung cancer and COPD. Combined with complications from a prior surgery, she subsequently suffered from acute respiratory failure. She remained intubated and required dialysis three days a week. On May 10th, she was then transferred to PAM Specialty Hospital of New Braunfels to aid her in her continued attempts to be weaned from the ventilator.

Mrs. Heilig worked extremely hard and after only three short days with our hospital, she was tolerating trach collar trials! She was completely weaned from the ventilator eight days later and by May 29th, she was decannulated and only required minimal oxygen use!

Upon admission, Mrs. Heilig was unable to eat or drink and had no voice. Due to complex medical issues, she had become weak and was unable to perform any mobility on her own. Other assistance included self-care activities, limited range of motion, transfers and walking. With her determination, we are pleased to share she has improved! At discharge, she able to eat and drink without limitations, her voice was back to her normal! She has become very independent throughout her stay and her balance has increased + range of motion has improved! We are so ecstatic about her recovery and look forward to her progress as she goes on to the next level of care.

“The people here are very friendly, the place is clean and the food is good. I’m so happy I’ve come this far. I love the therapy team!” - Mrs. Heilig