Mr. Raymond Hansen


mr.hansen.pngMr. Hansen was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of New Braunfels for pneumonia, septic shock and acute respiratory failure.

These medical complications required him to have three liters of oxygen upon arrival, and he was unable to eat or drink anything by mouth. Furthermore, he also required assistance with his bed mobility and transfers. Limited by his movements, he continued to have poor strength and endurance.

Even though his recovery seemed daunting, his hard work and determination soon brought him to a place where he was becoming independent and did not require assistance with any devices. The team at PAM of New Braunfels were amazed at how he progressed and how he was even exercising on the Nu-Step machine for up to 35 minutes! 

We are proud to report that at discharge, Mr. Hansen was eating a regular diet without any complications and was fully functional with his orientation.

“I credit all the staff with everything, from the moment I got here everything has been great. I can honestly say I like this hospital and the people. My daughter has been with me every step of the way and never gave up on me.”

Congratulations on your wonderful recovery, Mr. Hansen!