Mr. Sepulveda

mr.sepulveda.jpegIn October of 2017, Mr. Sepulveda was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of New Braunfels after going into respiratory failure leading to a mechanical ventilation. 

After a failed extubation at the acute care facility, Mr. Sepulveda was trached and transferred to the PAM of New Braunfels facility for continued weaning from the mechanical ventilator. Upon admission, he had limited mobility and required total assistance for bed mobility and ADL’s.

After a short, but strenuous, eight days of weaning, Mr. Sepulveda was successfully liberated from the ventilator and was continuing to be weaned from his supplemental oxygen. We’re proud to report that at the time of his discharge, he was on room air, able to feed himself and carry on conversations. He was also able to perform his bed mobility and transfers to the wheelchair with minimal to moderate assistance. We truly believe that his strength and determination are what helped him succeed!

“I didn’t lose faith and you all helped me to keep going and stay determined. I am very thankful I came here; you all care and are knowledgeable.” - Mr. Sepulveda