Mr. Uriel Blanco

mr.blanko.pngUriel Blanco was 23 years old when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident which required him to be intubated and placed on mechanical ventilation.

He was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of New Braunfels on December 6th2017. He required full assist on the ventilator, total assist of two people to perform any bed mobility, among other medical issues and limitations. After a few short, but very intense days he was weened to a trach collar, and liberated from the ventilator. He was then successfully weened to room air a few days later.

Upon discharge we are pleased to report he was performing his bed mobility with moderate assist and tolerating up to 15 minutes sitting on the edge of the bed with only minimal assist. His strength and determination brought him to a place where he could perform his own self-care tasks, eat regular food and speak clearly. Thanks to his family support along with his medical team, Mr. Blanco was able to make amazing progress and encourages younger people who may end up in his same situation to never give up.