Ms. Jacqueline Wakelin


ms.wakelin.jpegJacqueline Wakelin was a healthy and active 35 year old when she fell ill due to the flu in December of 2017 and began the fight for her life.

After weeks of intense treatments at the acute care level, Jacqueline was finally stable enough to transfer to PAM Specialty Hospital of New Braunfels in order to continue her medical journey. She first began with being weaned off the vent, and began physical therapy sessions in order to recover her physical strength. Ms. Wakelin arrived at our facility on January 26, 2018, trached and still on mechanical ventilation. Through her hard work and determination she was weaned off the vent within 10 days of her arrival. We extremely happy to report that by February 9th,  she was decannulated and had begun trial feedings. Ms. Wakelin is truly an inspiration and we have been honored to take part in her healing process.