Eloisa Mogford

Mrs. Eloisa Mogford came to Warm Springs Specialty Hospital at San Antonio with respiratory failure and was dependent on a ventilator to assist in her breathing. While at her prior acute facility, Eloisa had four attempts of weaning off of the ventilator with no success.

The Warm Springs respiratory care and nursing department, in collaboration with her Pulmonologist, she successfully weaned from ventilator support in five days and supporting medication within seven days. She tells us of her stay,

“How wonderful the staff treatment of her was and how much support she felt from the nurses, aides, therapists and rehabilitation staff.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled at the success Eloisa had and her improved health. We’re proud to say that with the assistance of the rehabilitation staff, who worked closely with the respiratory and nursing department, Eloisa returned home with her family.