Ms. Clay Rutherford

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 3.15.37 PM.pngMs. Clay Rutherford was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of San Antonio after having worsening pneumonia and leukocytosis after her right mandibulectomy, a surgical procedure that is done to remove a portion of the jaw. Ms. Rutherford also had severe malnutrition, and developed two stage four pressure ulcers on her back at the prior skilled nursing facility due to being bed bound.

The multidisciplinary brilliance that is the PAM Specialty Hospital of San Antonio medical staff, have brought Ms. Rutherford to the point of being able to discharge. We’re happy to write that she has gained almost ten pounds thanks to the co-treatments from the speech pathologist and the dietary team. She is getting PEG feeds, and thin liquids with no difficulty or aspiration and went from being bed bound to walking over 900 feet with a walker, up and down stairs using one rail. Her respiratory status has stabilized with no distress at all and her wounds are almost completely healed! Such an amazing medical journey, and big KUDOS to the staff and Ms. Rutherford’s determination!