Warren Mathey

Mr. Warren Mathey is a very determined 70 year old male who was was a passenger in a mini pony drawn cart which was struck by a vehicle causing multiple injuries and was taken to University Health System with a Glasgow Coma scale of 3T.

After his stay at University Health System, he was transferred to Warm Springs Specialty Hospital of San Antonio with a tracheotomy, peg tube, was ventilator dependent to assist in his breathing, which included a chest tube. Although Mr. Mathey's stay was very challenging upon his transfer to Acute Rehabilitation at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital, he was in great spirits. His pain was well controlled he was able to get up out of bed with physical therapy and occupational therapy.

At this time Mr. Mathey is having a successful stay at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital in San Antonio and with his rehabilitation care team, his road to recovery is bright.