Jimmie Woodard

jimmy.jpgThe morning of October 5 was a typical day for Mr. Woodard as a tree trimmer. 

He began his day by cutting down a 100 ft. pine tree between two houses, and believed the cut of the tree would make it fall without hitting anything but the ground. Unfortunately, while standing 30ft. about the ground in the fork of a tree, it unexpectedly fell in a way that struck where he was standing and he plunged head first to the ground. Witnesses had to restrain him to prevent further injury. Mr. Woodard was then admitted to Post Acute Medical™ Specialty Hospital of Texarkana where we would spend the next 50 days.

According to his wife, Mr. Woodard endured a lot of physical toll during that time but came out on top. Today, Mr. Woodard is a regular speaker at a monthly support group for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and credits the medical team at Post Acute Medical™ Specialty Hospital of Texarkana for being here today.