Paula Braswell

Paula Braswell.jpgOn the morning of June 12, 2015 Paula Braswell could not have envisioned the events that would change her life dramatically. While traveling on the interstate she swerved to miss a parked car and was T-boned by another.

Mrs. Braswell suffered massive injuries and broken bones and would have to be placed on life support. Mrs. Braswell’s daughter Amy remembers Dr. Booker telling her and her mother, who was sedated and on a ventilator, “you have to help me save you.” 

After a month at a Short Term Acute Care Hospital (STACH) she was transferred to Post Acute Medical Speciality Hospital of Texarkana - North. Amy remembers her mother being very confused and weak. She also remembers Bobby Sisk RN Case Manager, so does Mrs. Braswell. Mrs. Braswell and her daughter recall discussions of possible long term care and other not so flattering alternatives. She remembers Bobby telling her she had to help the nurses and therapists get her well.

She says ecstatically,

“The nurses at Post Acute Medical are miracle workers, no amount of money is enough to repay them for what they have done for me.”

Mrs. Braswell will be discharging from rehabilitation to her home. Her daughter will be her caregiver and will require very little training to assist her. She told us that she lost about 30 seconds of memory after the accident but she will never forget our staff.