Sandra Blaho


Sandra came to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Tulsa on April 11, 2018 after more than two months of hospitalization due to complications from a gastric bypass surgery. Her stay at the short term hospital was complicated, requiring further surgeries and multiple intubations secondary to perforation. Below is Sandra’s story:

"Almost three months ago, I had a surgery that did not go as expected. I underwent additional surgery and spent the past two and a half months in the ICUs of three different hospitals, was intubated three times, and was fed through a tube. I don't even remember a lot of those weeks. When I finally left the ICU, I had to learn to breathe again with the help of a machine. I had to learn how to eat again, how to walk again, and how to dress and care for myself again. I could not lift my feet up off the floor. This was when I came to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Tulsa where everything was new and clean. All the nurses, therapists, and aides were positive, supportive, and encouraging. The social dining allowed me to share experiences and to feel that I was not alone. After two weeks at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Tulsa, I can dress myself, shower myself, walk from room to room, get in and out of bed, and climb up and down a small set of stairs. Today, I am returning home to my family and my dog gets to return home after months away from the house. My husband and I could not be happier!"