Alice Caoutte


Caouette.pngPrior to hospitalization, Mrs. Caouette was living an active life with her spouse and grandson. Due to a history of challenging wounds, she received treatment for her wounds at home with home health care but then admitted to a Tulsa hospital for surgery.

Following her surgery, she developed hypoxemia (low oxygen levels in the blood) that required intubation. She was transferred to the ICU of Post Acute Medical™ Specialty Hospital of Tulsa for rehabilitation and ventilator weaning.

Upon admission to Post Acute Medical™ Specialty Hospital of Tulsa, she was evaluated by physical and occupational therapists and later by a speech therapist. Mrs. Caouette was dependent with all functional mobility and activities of daily living. Initially, her main goal was to return home with her family. Therapy focused on strengthening upper and lower body extremities, improving bed mobility, sitting at the edge of bed while maintaining stable vital signs, and increasing independence with grooming. Eventually, speech therapy began working on swallowing abilities once she was successfully weaned off of the vent.

Mrs. Caouette recalls how respectful the staff was and how understanding they were of her medical condition.

“They made it a goal to keep me comfortable. The staff cared so much about me…not just my illness but my emotions too. The therapists worked very hard with me. They always worked according to how I felt. They treated me like they had known me forever. When I was having a hard time in the ICU due to my anxiety, the staff would sit with me until I fell asleep.”

We couldn't be more proud to say with the efforts from Mrs. Caouette and her therapists, she returned home to her family, which was her primary goal.