Clifford “Cliff” Helmuth


64 days and counting.

Depending on the hour, situation and personal ambition, 64 days may not sound like a long time but for Mr. Helmuth, that number marks the time where his entire life was catapulted to extreme levels of variance. From fighting for his life everyday, to where he can sit in the comfort of his own home knowing he survived the whole ordeal and came out stronger.

June 29, 2018. Day 1. A completely life changing experience from major multiple trauma, fractures and complex surgeries. Mr. Helmuth’s life took another unexpected turn when he suffered from serious medical complications during his rehabilitation, warranting another acute hospital stay.

July 25, 2018. Day 27. Mr. Helmuth’s medical conditions stabilized, and he could focus on improving his functional status at PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Tulsa. The aftermath of an extended hospital stay and acute illness had left Mr. Helmuth low level requiring maximum assistance with most of his daily activities. However, relentless determination paired with the rehabilitation staff skillset, served to supersede any and all obstacles.

August 31, 2018. Day 64. Cliff was able to return home not only medically stable, but physically independent with modification for his daily activities and mobility!

We’re so proud of you Mr. Helmuth and we wish you the best!