Frankie Appelt

appelt.pngMr. Appelt had arrived to a local hospital with chest pain and shortness of breath, with x-rays determining that he had a couple serious pulmonary emboli. 

Unfortunately, he also developed pneumonia which resulted in a continuous decline in his respiratory status. Requiring a great deal of oxygen and further specialized treatment, it was decided Mr. Appelt would be transferred to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria-North. The team of physicians, therapists and nurses went into action to stabilize his condition and help him improve his breathing and mobility.

In a relatively short while, he had regained his strength and began being able to do minimal walking and assistance with self care. He required much less oxygen and was improving overall medically. Looking forward to returning to his prior level of function and normal routines, Mr. Appelt was determined to get better. He described the staff as “very kind, and very good.” The multidisciplinary team has made a significant difference and helped him back to a swift recovery.  Great job, Mr. Appelt and team!