Mr. Harvey Hodges

Hodges-Image.pngMr. Hodges was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - North after an extended stay in an acute care hospital, following a motorcycle accident. Mr. Hodges has made significant improvements with his respiratory status, he’s now on a nasal cannula and in the near future he will be able to remove his tracheostomy. The therapy sessions have helped to improve Mr. Hodges recovery significantly with him beginning at our facility barely able to sit edge of bed, to now ambulating 300 feet with a walker. His fine motor skills are improving as well and he enjoys having a routine with hygiene and grooming.

Mr. Hodges has nothing but positive things to say about all of the staff from therapy, nursing, respiratory, dietary and housekeeping for making his stay as comfortable as possible. He hopes to return home in the near future with his wife and dog, Snickers.

“All the staff have been so good, I have nothing but positive things to say.”