Mr. Smith

smithimage.pngMr. Smith was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - South after receiving a partial left foot amputation due to osteomyelitis. When admitted, he was unable to bear weight through his left lower extremity due to his recent foot surgery, and was having difficulty with safety during transfers and standing due to balance issues.

The team at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - South is excited to announce that Mr. Smith is now able to bear weight as much as he is able to tolerate through his left leg and is able to walk and transfer - with a walker - without assistance. His balance has improved tremendously and he continues to progress with his independence in all aspects. When asked about his stay and how he felt about his progress, he reported, “Y’all have stayed after me to do this, even when I didn’t want to. I feel like I made a lot of progress, and I give credit to my therapy team and doctor for my progress.” We are ecstatic about the physical gains he has made, and hope he continues to progress so he is able to return home.