Martin Cano

Martin Cano.pngMr. Cano was living a fairly normal and active life with his spouse at their home, when one evening while showering he suddenly lost consciousness and slid down into the tub. 

His wife and daughter quickly noticed he was breathing but unconscious and called their local EMS. Once he arrived at his local hospital he improved slightly but fell into cardiac arrest. The staff was able to recover him with CPR and he was placed on a mechanical ventilator and given an external pacemaker. Over the next five days, he underwent more procedures and was weaned off his ventilator, and was transferred to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - North. 

When he arrived, Mr. Cano was unable to walk, feed himself or perform self care tasks. The interdisciplinary staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists helped to bring Mr. Cano almost full circle. In a few short weeks, he went from needing maximal assistance to only needing minimal in most areas. He had a great attitude and worked very hard to achieve his goals. He stated the nursing staff were very kind to him and his therapists were always hard at work to help him improve. Thanks to his dedication and team effort, he is well on his way to making a full recovery and heading home!