Mike Greer

Mike Greer.pngMr. Greer was living a very active lifestyle between going to all of his grandchildren’s football games and working. 

One day, he was admitted to one of the local hospitals due to fever and chills and upon further evaluation it was discovered he had a foot infection. The hospital staff started treating him with antibiotics yet his condition continued to deteriorate. Before long, he was admitted to the ICU with a blood infection, sepsis, septic shock and respiratory failure.

Thankfully, Mr. Greer was stabilized and transferred to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria for further care. The specialty physicians and staff worked hard to improve his medical situation and we are proud to say he has done just that! When he first arrived, he was unable to move his body and was dependent with self-care. At the time of this testimonial, he was able to walk near 20 ft. and is able to handle much of his self-care tasks. While Mr. Greer has a lot more ground to make up for, we are extremely proud of his progress.

“… The people here are great, I love them all! Jill has been wonderful and has been so caring. Mark and Tara have worked with me a bunch and were so helpful and helped me get stronger. I am able to walk now even though it is really hard.”