Mr. Carmona

Carmona-Image.pngMr. Carmona arrived to our LTACH facility after a fall that unfortunately resulted in a broken hip. Originally admitted to a local hospital, it was clear Mr. Carmona would need long term antibiotics and wound care. Back in 2000, he was previously admitted to PAM when he suffered an injury from a bike accident, and received such amazing care that he knew he wanted to go back to a familiar place.

From the nurses caring for his daily needs, to helping heal his wounds with compassion and knowledge, Mr. Carmona is pleased with the exceptional care he has received. He thanks his many therapists for giving him the confidence and training needed to regain his strength and cannot wait to hit his goal of being able to cut hair in his salon again. Special thanks goes out to his wife, and best friend, for being by his side and the constant encouragement through it all. Especially on those days when he felt like giving up. Also to the staff at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria, North for their compassion, knowledge and motivation!