Mrs. Ola Lee Fechner

Mrs. Ola.pngMrs. Fechner was admitted to a local hospital due to her diagnosis of lactic acidosis and sepsis.

Following her multiple surgeries and long term antibiotics, Mrs. Fechner was greatly weakened and needed to receive physical and occupational therapy to regain her mobility and function. Upon her admittance to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria, she began her therapy and immediately began making progress. Her time at the hospital has been short, but she is now able to transfer with only minimal to moderate assistance and has begun to walk. She stated that all of the staff have been wonderful to her, the nurses have been attentive and caring, and the therapists have worked to help get her stronger.

Mrs. Fechner’s biggest wish is to return home and be able to drive to the senior citizen programs in her home town to see all of her friends again. Her positive attitude and outlook have helped her get closer to this. Thanks to the excellent team at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria North!